RIA Ethiopia Sports has organized four travel packages with 2 to 10 days duration. The packages allow participants of Ethiotrail to explore the Rift Valley Lakes including the Abijatta- Shalla Lakes National Park and its surroundings as well as other historical and cultural attractions in North and South of the country and enjoy a unique experience.

All travel packages include:

  • Race registration and race pack
  • Hotel accommodations and meals
  • Pasta party and post-race barbeque
  • All in country transportation
  • Training and orientation on highland running supported by a runner guide
  • Medical support during the race
  • All entrance fees for all the sites in the tour

Note: The package price above does not include the international flight. However, our team could help you in choosing the best options. We recommend you contact our team on this matter as early as possible.

Characteristics of the area

Altitude, vegetation and soil formation: The area is a semi-arid, volcanic landscape with alternating rocky areas with clay and sandstone. It is also covered with scattered tree vegetation (mainly Acacia trees) and few river beds that carry water only during the rainy season. The two most important Rift Valley lakes, Abijatta and Shalla , also form part of the park.

The altitude ranges between 1540 and 2075 meters above sea level, the pickiest point being Mount Fike.

Weather Conditions: In the Rift Valley area rains are not frequent but when it rains it is usually with high intensity and it has exceptionally strong storms. The rainy season lasts from April to September. The temperature varies between 9 º C and 23 º C.

Accommodations and Facilities

The official race venue will be at Sabana Beach Resort, a high quality facility located on the shores of Lake Langano, 15-20 minutes from the park entrance.

  • Sabana Beach Resort – Langano
  • Distance from Addis: about 200km
  • Reservation contact: +251-0461191181/0461191466

Alternatively, participants could also stay at Simbo Beach Resort, African Vacation Club and Borati Resort which are also located nearby the park.

  • Simbo Beach Resort
  • Distance from Addis: about 205km
  • Reservation contact: +251-0115580046/0935999097
  • Africa Vacation Club – Langano Resort
  • Distance from Addis: about 195km
  • Reservation contact: +251-0461191588/0912607849/0116639858
  • Borati Resort – Langano
  • Distance from Addis: about 194km
  • Reservation contact: +251-0924647979/0916147559/0937938239

All the resorts offer modern and comfortable and very well equipped accommodations with double or triple beds, and large parking area, bar and restaurant, and lake beach.